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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Terrific T Domes, AVSA and everything else!: Terrific T Domes, AVSA and everything else!

Terrific T Domes, AVSA and everything else!: Terrific T Domes, AVSA and everything else!

I don't know about everyone else, but all this talk of war, raising gas prices, hurricanes, floods, you know all that "stuff" has started to get me into gear to prepare for everything from a day or two without power, utilities, to the "real thing" a total collapse of all public services... bulding a campfire in the middle of the livingroom floor ain't gonna get it! Having to "poop" in a bucket stinks, especially when there is NOT anywhere to dump it! A better plan is called for!
The major question was "can we survive in our own home" for a short time or even longer. Do we have the food, water, means of cooking, and most importantly the KNOWLEDGE to survive. Not just for George and me, but for the kids and grand kids. I could not stand to watch them starve to death, just because I was too dumb to keep them alive.... especially when I'm suppose to be the oldest, smartest and have the most experience. The one they count on for advise, help and look up too.
I devised this small "Home Survival Game" that could be played by anyone, anywhere. It will quickly tell you whether your chance are good or not. Its real easy, just live without power, gas, water for a few days, you will quickly see the faults in your survival plan. All the information is free of charge, if you want to make a donation fine and dandy, if not that is fine also, no one has ever donated, so we don't expect that record to be broken !!!!
I also have some food buying, storing, preparing recipes, etc. for your food storage that uses minimum amounts of water, fuel and can be prepared easily. You can buy this stuff on a shoestring food budget.
Can vermicompost improve your chances of survival? You bet it can. Find out all about it here. Plus it takes care of a major survival problem, disposing of human waste and household garbage, when the sewer is down and they are not picking up trash, waste can become a major health concern.
A sitemap can be found on any of the pages of Goldenrod.net
at the bottom, with updated links that have small descriptions of the content.
If you have children, grand children and loved ones, do your self and them a huge favor and find out if you can get smart enough to keep them alive in a real disaster that lasts for awhile.
Visit often for new information that I don't get posted here right away.
P.S. our garden if finally producing, everyone elses around here is done, drying up.. great yellow and green squash, a few bell peppers, collards mixed with radishe tops with sausage was great the other night. Tomatoes still green, but growin'.
Made some elderberry jelly that half is stiff jelly, the other half is syrup, wasn't planned that way, but the syrup was fantastic on ice cream.. so its workin'.... Lots more elderberries are getting ripe, so I get another chance!


Blogger reno said...


Greetings from Belgium !

Best regards.


7:01 AM  
Blogger AVSA said...

Hi reno
Welcome, first official comment! Thanks, thought I was talkin to myself again.
Have a great day in Belgium, grow some worms, plant some veggies and ????!

7:57 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

Hi from Seattle. I am new here and I can't find the compost toilet plans. Hope to see other people posting.

2:51 AM  

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