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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wow, I didn't realize that it had been so long since I posted on here... lol, just goes to show that my letter writing is just as sporadic....
1. Garden is coming up again, we have had some bad hail and thunderstorms, but we were fortunate and didn't have any damage.
2. We have tomato plants! We started a few seeds, (we had tons of plants and tomatoes last year, way too many, so we were planting conservatively this year!) then we checked on AVSA and now we have tons of more tomato plants, they just pop up out of the vermicompost, with potato plants, peppers and who knows what else! Some look like squash or melons... Oh well the joys of vemicomposting is trying to remember what went bad last year and ended up growing this year LOL.... Anyway sure saves on the price of veggie seeds... even have a avocado tree coming up in one corner! We try not to disturb the seedlings, so the earthworms are having to look for their food in small places.... we will transplant the seedlings into the garden soon and all will be back to normal lol, even if normal is another word for chaos around here...
3. Plans are still in the works to build a T-Dome home down at Terlingua Ranch this year, we are hoping to get it mostly finished for under $5,000.00. It will be 30' diameter, with built-in water catchment and cistern, hydroponics, attached green dome, composting toilet, two story and lots more... we will be using strawbales for the ponywall, which will save us the money that would have been the biggest expense and give us the flat walls inside, that I WANT lol. This will be our first large prototype and with our age and physical limitations it will be a challenge, to say the least. Hopefully this fall will be the time to start.
4. Our membership has grown to a sizable amount, we would like to have a big social with hands on lessons in vermicomposting and T-Dome construction this fall also, maybe to coincide with the CASA Terlingua Chili-Cook off in Nov... we have ten acres to camp on... Hum just a thought...
5. I did NOT really think that anyone read this, until I got a comment that my blogging was missed... LOL.. so I'll be back again soon maybe..


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