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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Perplexing purpose

I was working on updating my websites today, spring cleaning and all that... I thought I'd take a shortcut and just get one of those "pre-designed" websites, just put in the info and go...
The first question threw me for a loop: "What is the purpose of your website?" Sounds pretty simple, until I started thinking about it... HUM, what is my purpose? Hell if I know! Nothing has a purpose around here, everything is multi-purpose, or its gone... So, do I put all the purposes? The main purpose? or the real purpose? and if so, than what are they?
I HATE updating websites, it gets me into a tizzy for weeks... lol
PURPOSE indeed! What was my purpose in even thinking about updating the websites anyway?
PURPOSE - DELETE - I don't have one... now I'm really feeling a lot better! I have NO purpose, my website doesn't have a purpose, we are purposeless....


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Hello are you still here i found your blog from your website but a lot of the links dont work..im really interested in your T-Dome ideas and plans but its 2010 and I dont see any updates or coments since 2008. If your amoung the living and still doing this please let me know.hope life is treating you very well.And thank you for your time.

8:01 PM  
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